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Waiter/Konobari, Full time (Malta, EU)

Location Malta, EU

ClipCon Recruitment is opening applications for the position of F&B servers, Waiter/Waitress (multiple positions) for the client in Malta.

Job brief

We are looking for a Waiters and Waitresses to join FULL TIME our culinary team in 5* restaurants and hotels in Malta.

F&B Servers

Reports to: Floor Manager/Supervisor/Restaurant Manager

General Responsibilities:

The employee is expected to provide an efficient and pleasant dining experience to the Guests dining in the Restaurant/Hotel Restaurant in line with the Hotel/Restaurant Policies and Procedures and in a true spirit of Hospitality. Additionally, this employee is responsible for training and assisting any new employees


Daily Operation

· Provides prompt and efficient service in a courteous manner, by setting, serving, and clearing tables.
· Has excellent knowledge of all menus present in The Restaurant/Hotel Restaurant to assist all customers in making the right choice and to also assist any customers with specific dietary requirements.
· Ensures that his/her area is always clean, tidy, and organised.
· Maintains all equipment, work areas, and store areas properly
· Ensures that he/she has sufficient mis en plaice for the service period
· Ensures that tables are set up as per reservations and guest requirements
· Takes customers’ orders promptly and courteously
· Sends guests’ orders through to the kitchen and bar as per Restaurant Procedures, ensuring that, any special requests by guests have been sent through properly.
· Serves guests their food and beverage orders promptly and as per Restaurant Policy, ensuring that what has been ordered is accurately delivered to the table.
· Follows up with guests to ensure that all that has been presented at the table is to their satisfaction.
· Finishes all set tasks on time, and ensures that all guests are satisfied.
· Assists others as needed
· Assists in any additional tasks assigned by the Manager with a positive and can-do attitude
· Performs all secondary duties as requested
· Is flexible in his/her availability to be able to work shifts as needed.

Selling and Cash Handling

· Ensures that he/she is promoting any special dishes available in the Restaurant.
· Takes every opportunity to upsell in a professional manner without intimidating or annoying the guest.
· Takes personal responsibility to minimize and avoid wastage as much as possible
· Handles cash as necessary and instructed by the Restaurant Manager/Floor Manager, ensuring that all transactions tally when cashing up at the end of the shift

Appearance, Human Resources, and Training

· Maintains high standards of personal hygiene, appearance, and conduct
· Follows the Restaurant/Hotel Uniform Policy and ensures that he/she is conforming to all HACCP Regulations
· Maintains effective communication with all his/her colleagues
· Attends all training as required by the Restaurant/Hotel
· Develops effective relations with all colleagues
· Has thorough knowledge of all Policies and Procedures and follows them accordingly

Fostering Good Customer relations

· Smiles and greets all guests upon their entering the Restaurant, personally escorts them to their table and pulls out at least one chair at the same time showing an “open arm gesture” to welcome the guests to take a seat.
·Treats all customers in a polite and friendly manner, and remains calm and helpful always, especially during difficult situations
· In the event of guests complaining or not satisfied for any reason, the commis waiter takes immediate action to remedy the situation in accordance with the guest’s needs and requirements. (keeping his/her immediate supervisor informed)
· Ensures guest satisfaction by anticipating needs and attending to guest requests.
· Is aware of any VIP clients or any clients with special needs or requests present in the Restaurant.

Safety and Security

· Is knowledgeable of fire, emergency, and evacuation procedures within the Restaurant/Hotel
· Ensures that his/her actions do not create any hazards for him/herself, colleagues, and guests alike
· Adheres to all existing Maltese health and safety laws and regulations
· Takes corrective and preventive action to prevent any possible accidents
· Reports any unsafe or faulty equipment to the Restaurant Manager
· Takes proper care of all the Restaurant/Hotel Property

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You will get working visa for Malta and have full time employment.

You will be signing a contract for 12 months with a possibility of extending.

Probation period is for first 6 months.

You will be responsible for your own accommodation. Also, the agency will assist you in search and organising your accommodation. at first. You can either rent your own or share with other co-workers.

Yo will have contract of minimum of 40 hours per week and wage will be calculated on hourly base?

Salary will be received every 15th day of each month.

Initially, salary will be played to your bank account in home country until you open an account in Malta.

Yes! You have to be able to communicate and understand work obligations, contract details and coordination with colleagues in English.